McKendree University's Online Photo Albums

Hett 2024-2025 Season Preview Reception

2024 Undergraduate Commencement (Arts & Sciences / Education)

2024 Undergraduate Commencement (Business / Nursing)

2024 Graduate Commencement

Class of 2024 Baccalaureate

Summa Cum Laude Celebration 2024

April 2024 Retirements

AEC 2024: Honor Societies

AEC 2024

Diversity Carnival 2024

Women's Empowerment Fair

Model UN 2024

Founders Day Cake in Ames

Career Fair 2024

MLK Humanitarian Awards 2024

McKids Holiday Open House 2023

McKendree Theatre Fall 2023 Play: Cinderella Waltz

Homecoming 2023: Tailgating, Football Game, Campus Tours, and Speech & Debate Reunion

Homecoming 2023: WMS Breakfast

Homecoming 2023: All Alumni Reunion

Homecoming 2023: Class of 1973 Golden Reunion

Homecoming 2023: Quad Games

Frank Spreng BBQ 2023

Major General John Bartrum '90 Visits Campus

Speed Networking Event 2023

HIS 265: Pop-Up Museum: Music on the Fly

Fitness Center Open House

Involvement Fair 2023

Academic All-Stars Breakfast

NSO 2023: Into the Streets

NSO 2023: Transfer Student Orientation

NSO 2023: Convocation

NSO 2023: Move-In Day

Early Move-In Day 2023

Golf Tournament 2023

2023-2024 Hett Season Preview Reception   

Graduate Commencement Ceremony 2023

Undergraduate School of Business and School of Nursing and Health Professions Commencement Ceremony 2023

Undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences and School of Education Commencement Ceremony 2023

Class of 2023 Baccalaureate Service

Summa Cum Laude Reception 2023

President's Award for Professional Excellence 2023

All-American & National Champions Reception 2023

William McKendree Society Spring Celebration 2023

Faculty Retirement Reception: George Fero, Ed.D.

Spring Fling 2023

AEC 2023: Honor Society Inductions (Group Photos)

AEC 2023: Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Induction (English)

AEC 2023: Psi Chi Honor Society Induction (Psychology)

AEC 2023: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Induction (Honors)

AEC 2023: Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Induction (First-year Students)

AEC 2023: Presentations

AEC 2023: Posters

Diversity Carnival 2023

Technos 2023 Participant Selection

Lobby Day - Spring 2023

Women's History Month Chamber Choir 2023

Model UN 2023 

Career Fair 2023

Brown Bag Pop-Up Museum - Spring 2023

MLK Humanitarian Award Celebration 2023

FBLA 2023

McKIDS Christmas & Holiday Open House 

Emerson Award - Dr. Sara Trask

Thanksgiving 2022

Empty Bowls - Fall 2022

Steve Burns at the Hett

Honors Program Meets Steve Burns 2022

Lincoln Laureate - Breanna Sampo

Homecoming 2022: Alumni Awards Dinner

Homecoming 2022: Football Game

Homecoming 2022: Tailgating

Homecoming 2022: WMS Breakfast

Homecoming 2022: All Alumni Reunion

Homecoming 2022: Class of 1972 Golden Anniversary Reunion Reception

Homecoming 2022: Quad Games

Homecoming 2022: Pumpkin Painting

Frank Spreng BBQ 2022

Fall Faculty Showcase 2022

Lanter Lecture 2022: Mike Marchal

Speed Networking Breakfast with Mike Marchal

HIS 331 IL History - Land Acknowledgement Statement

Holman Library Renovation Open House 2022

HIS 331 Illinois History - Speaker Justin Smock '20

Voter Registration Drive - Fall 2022

Sorority Bid Day - Fall 2022

Involvement Fair 2022

NSO 2022: Therapy Dogs

NSO 2022: Into the Streets

NSO 2022: Convocation

NSO 2022: Class of 2026 Photo

NSO 2022: Move-In Day

Golf Tournament 2022

2022 Graduate Commencement Ceremony

2022 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony (School of Business and School of Nursing and Health Professions)

2022 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony (College of Arts & Sciences & School of Education) 

Baccalaureate Service 2022

Summa Cum Laude Reception 2022

AEC 2022: Honor Society Reception

AEC 2022: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society (Education)

AEC 2022: Sigma Zeta Honor Society (Science and Mathematics)

AEC 2022: Sigma - Psi Epsilon (Nursing)

AEC 2022: School of Business Honor Society (Business, Management, and Administration)

AEC 2022: Psi Chi Honor Society and Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society (Psychology and Social Sciences)

AEC 2022: Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society (Mathematics)

AEC 2022: Tau Sigma Honor Society (Transfer Students)

AEC 2022: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (Junior and Senior Students - All Disciplines)

AEC 2022: Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society (First-year Students - All Disciplines)

AEC 2022: Art Exhibits

AEC 2022: Music Performances

AEC 2022: Synthesis of an o-benzylene-2,1-benzimidazole Dye Compound for Potential Use in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsies Presentation

AEC 2022: Rover Cooler Presentation

AEC 2022: HONORS: University Administration and Student Perceptions of Participation, Willingness, and Effectiveness Concerning the Use of a Health (injury, illness, mental/emotion, social, academic, and financial health) Communication Mobile Application on a University Campus Presentaion

AEC 2022: Simulated Crisis Response: Earthquake Shakes McKendree Presentation

AEC 2022: Senior Speed Dating, the End of the World, and More Presentation

AEC 2022: HONORS: Effect of Fight Time and Air Exposure on Stress Response in Bluegill Presentation

AEC 2022: Simulated Crisis Response: Tornado Sweeps through McKendree West Presentation

AEC 2022: PFAS: Means of Eradication and Future Solutions for "Forever Chemicals" Presentation

AEC 2022: MHA Capstone: Vaccine Confidence Presentation

AEC 2022: HONORS: Microalgae as a Potential Source of Novel Antimicrobial Compounds Presentation

AEC 2022: Catalyst Literary Magazine Presentation

AEC 2022: Lessons Learned from Hosting a 5k/10k Race Event Presentation

AEC 2022: Introduction to GIS Presentation

AEC 2022: HONORS: The Relationship of Perceived Effort, Physical Exertion, and Soreness in Collegiate Athletes Presentation

AEC 2022: Debating the US Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Presentation

AEC 2022: Posters

Model UN 2022

Founders Day 2022

MLK Humanitarian Ceremony 2022

Dr. Schutzenhofer, Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient 2021

Presentation of Lincoln Civic Engagement Award Certificate to Jessica Hoffmann

Model UN Fall 2021

Homecoming 2021 Highlights

Student Homecoming 2021

Frank Spreng Memorial BBQ - Homecoming 2021

Lanter Lecture 2021: Joe Koppeis

Tyler Wallin '15 Presentation

Involvement Fair 2021

NSO 2021: Into the Streets

NSO 2021: Playfair

NSO 2021: Convocation 

2021 McKendree University Bearcat Golf Tournament

Class of 2021 - Athlete Graduates

Class of 2021 - Graduate Commencement Ceremony

Class of 2021 - Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony (School of Business & School of Nursing & Health Professions)

Class of 2021 - Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony (College of Arts & Sciences & School of Education)

Class of 2020 - Graduate Commencement Ceremony

Class of 2020 - Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony (School of Business & School of Nursing & Health Professions)

Class of 2020 - Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony (College of Arts & Sciences & School of Education)

Retirement Reception - Dr. Rev. Tim Harrison and Ranodore Foggs

Senior BBQ 2021

AEC 2021: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

AEC 2021: Phi Eta Sigma (First-Year) and Tau Sigma (Transfer) Honor Societies

AEC 2021: Psi Chi (Psychology) Honor Society

AEC 2021: Outstanding Nursing & Health Professions Students

AEC 2021: Outstanding Education Students

AEC 2021: Outstanding College of Arts & Science Students

AEC 2021: Outstanding Business Students

AEC 2021: Bands and Choirs in Concert

AEC 2021: Honors Students

Swearing-in Ceremony of New Director of Public Safety

Retirement Parade for Shirley Baugh

MLK Humanitarian Awards

Alumni Communication Networking Event/Lambda Pi Eta Inductions

Presidential Inauguration of Daniel C. Dobbins

Campus Speaks: Dr. Martha Patterson

Homecoming 2020

Music on the Lawn

NSO 2020: Convocation

NSO 2020: Move-in

Founder's Day 2020

MLK Humanitarian Awards

D2L Reveal

Rep. Bost Honors Dr. Dennis With Congressional Record Entry

Football Game Honoring Dr. Dennis

Homecoming 2019: Bearcat Brunch

Homecoming 2019: Chapel Service

Homecoming 2019: Alumni Awards Dinner

Homecoming 2019: Football Game

Homecoming 2019: Parade and Tailgate Party

Homecoming 2019: William McKendree Society Homecoming Breakfast

Homecoming 2019: All Alumni Reunion

Homecoming 2019: Class of 1969 Golden Anniversary Luncheon & Tour

Music Department Showcase Concert

Annual Psychology & Occupational Therapy Night

#BearcatsVote Party

Involvement Fair 2019

NSO 2019: Into the Streets

NSO 2019: Playfair

NSO 2019: Class of 2023 Photo

NSO 2019: Convocation

NSO 2019: Move-in Day

Golf Tournament 2019

Belize Immersion Trip (Summer 2019)

2019 William McKendree Society Spring Celebration

Graduate Commencement Ceremony 2019

Undergraduate Commencement 2019

Senior Farewell Service 2019

SALUTE Honor Society Induction (Military)

Senior BBQ 2019

AEC 2019: Tau Sigma Honor Society (Transfer Students)

AEC 2019: Kappa Pi Honor Society Induction (Art)

AEC 2019: Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society Induction (Sociology)

AEC 2019: Alpha Psi Omega Honor Society (Theatre)

AEC 2019: Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Induction (English)

AEC 2019: Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society Induction (Computing & Information Disciplines)

AEC 2019: Sigma Zeta Honor Society Induction (Science and Mathematics)

AEC 2019: Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society (Political Science)

AEC 2019: Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society (Mathematics)

AEC 2019: Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society Induction (Social Sciences)

AEC 2019: Psi Chi Honor Society (Psychology)

AEC 2019: Art Exhibition & Music Showcase

AEC 2019: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (Junior and Senior Students)

AEC 2019: Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society (First-year Students)

AEC 2019: Honors Convocation

AEC 2019: Going For The Mental Gold: Comparing College Sports Teams on Mental Skills

AEC 2019: Learning Through Service with the Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service

AEC 2019: Norms of Social Media - Please Like Me

AEC 2019: Honors Thesis - Overpopulation - Facts, Figures, and What McKendree Thinks by Mitchell Kuntz

AEC 2019: Montage Reading

AEC 2019: Current Issues in College Athletics

AEC 2019: Honors Thesis - Ensuring History Is Not Repeated - Effective Methods of Teaching History by Morgan Hall

AEC 2019: Age Gaps & Social Support: Two Qualitative Research Studies About Family

AEC 2019: Ladies of the 80s - Examining the History of the “Me Too” Movement and What Comes Next

AEC 2019: Honors Thesis - Career Motivators: What Influences College Students' Career Choice? by Christie Draper

AEC 2019: Six Chicks Rocking D.C. - Phi Eta Sigma at the 2018 National Convention: A Student's Perspective

AEC 2019: Honors Thesis - Attitudes Towards Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Collegiate Student-Athletes by Jordan Morton

AEC 2019: AEC 2019: Men, Meat, Wine, and Beer

AEC 2019: College Hill Cemetery Ghosts

AEC 2019: Seniors to Seniors - A Collection of Narratives from Cedar Ridge

AEC 2019: Honors Thesis - The Tests Become More Important than the Education - The Inadequacies of No Child Left Behind by Rachel Stanley

AEC 2019: Honors Thesis - Makeup and Mugshots: A Study of Female Criminal Sentencing by Taylor Ganz

AEC 2019: Nourishing of the Body and Soul

AEC 2019: Art From Our Hearts

AEC 2019: McKendree Speech Team

AEC 2019: Honors Thesis - Four Ways to Kill a Democracy by Justin Fausz

AEC 2019: Poster Sessions (Holman Library)

AEC 2019: Poster Sessions (Ames Dining Hall)

AEC 2019: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society (Education)

Kirk Jackson II Memorial Service

Sigma Beta Delta Induction 2019

Lanter Luncheon - Bill Jackson, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Maritz

Model UN 2019

Reception for Peter Palermo 

Homecoming 2018: Sunday Brunch

Homecoming 2018: Chapel Service

Homecoming 2018: Alumni Awards Dinner

Homecoming 2018: Women's Volleyball vs. Lewis University

Homecoming 2018: Football vs. William Jewell College

Homecoming 2018: Tailgate, BBQ, & Kids Zone

Homecoming 2018: Parade

Homecoming 2018: William McKendree Society Breakfast

Homecoming 2018: Men's DII Hockey vs SIUE

Homecoming 2018: All Alumni Reunion

Homecoming 2018: Class of 1968 Golden Anniversary Reunion

Homecoming 2018: Men's & Women's Soccer vs. University of Missouri-St. Louis

NSO 2018: Into the Streets

NSO 2018: Convocation

NSO 2018: Move-In

Golf Tournament 2018

Graduate Commencement Ceremony 2018

Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony 2018

Graduation Celebration Dinner 2018

Senior Farewell Service 2018

Senior BBQ 2018

Retirement Reception for Dr. Feza Ozturk & Dr. John Watters

National Champions Celebration 2018

AEC 2018: Tau Sigma Honor Society

AEC 2018: Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

AEC 2018: Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society

AEC 2018: Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society

AEC 2018: Sigma Zeta Honor Society

AEC 2018: Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society  

AEC 2018: Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society

AEC 2018: Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society

AEC 2018: Psi Chi Honor Society

AEC 2018: Art Gallery Events

AEC 2018: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

AEC 2018: Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society

AEC 2018: Honors Convocation

AEC 2018: Women, Work, Issues, & Solutions

AEC 2018: Comparative Study of Alkaloaids & Antioxidants in Tinospora cordifolia & Withania somnifera

AEC 2018: Early Assessment and Resource Provision for the Pregnant Substance Abuser

AEC 2018: A SIMULATED Crisis at Ames

AEC 2018: Socioeconomic Status & Academic Resilience

AEC 2018: Research on the College Experience: Sororities, Stress, and Netflix Binging

AEC 2018: Contemporary Christian Thought Research Papers (Part I)

AEC 2018: Let's Get Physical: The Making of a 5K/10K Fundraising Event

AEC 2018: Environmental Influence on Aggression in Zebrafish (Danio Rerio)

AEC 2018: Relational Maintenance in Military Couples: A Phenomenological Study

AEC 2018: The Existence of Antibiotic Bacteria in Environmental Sources

AEC 2018: theHub Open House

AEC 2018: Poster Sessions (Holman Library)

AEC 2018: Poster Sessions (Ames)

AEC 2018: Volunteers

AEC 2018: Kappa Delta Pi Inductions

Alumni Communication Event 4-18-2018

Student Lobby Day 2018

Model UN 2018

WYSE Event 3-12-2018

Leadership Scholarship Event 3-3-18

Crop Science Course at Danforth Plant Science Center

Lanter Luncheon: Jon Basden, MBA ’12

Lanter Lecture: Ameren CEO Richard Mark (10/30/17)

Lanter Luncheon: Ashlyn Beasley, MBA ’17 (10/23/17)

Marching Band

Lanter Luncheon: Beth Brueggmann, MBA ’15 (10/12/17)

Homecoming 2017: Alumni Awards Dinner    

Homecoming 2017: Football Game

Homecoming 2017: All-Alumni Tailgate, BBQ & Kids Zone

Homecoming 2017: Parade

Homecoming 2017: William McKendree Society Breakfast

Homecoming 2017: Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives

Homecoming 2017: All Alumni Reunion

Homecoming 2017: Class of 1967 Golden Anniversary Reunion

NSO 2017: Into the Streets

NSO 2017: Welcome Luncheon, Meet Your Group Leaders, & University 101 Facilitator

NSO 2017: Convocation

NSO 2017: Move-in Day

McKendree Solar Eclipse Party 2017

Nicaragua Immersion Trip 2017

2017 McKendree University Annual Bearcat Golf Tournament

Kentucky Campuses Commencement 2017

Educational Technology Faculty Bootcamp 2017

The Hett's 2017-18 Preview Reception

Closing the Loop Faculty Workshop

2017 Graduate Commencement Ceremony

2017 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

2017 Graduation Celebration Dinner

2017 Senior Farewell Service

AEC 2017: General Images

AEC 2017: Poster Presentations in Holman Library

AEC 2017: Poster Presentations in Ames Dining Hall

AEC 2017: Applying for Prestigious Scholarships& Fellowships

AEC 2017: Hyperfunctional Beverages, Hemp and Pea Protein and Inflammation-fighting Foods

AEC 2017: McKendree Marketing Club Projects

AEC 2017: Should Student Be Given Trigger Warnings?

AEC 2017: The Science of Pollinators and Pollination

AEC 2017: Fictional Press Conference

AEC 2017: Human Missions to Mars? A Debate

AEC 2017: Milk Varieties, Coconut Products, Vegan Ice Cream, and Turmeric

AEC 2017: Shark Tank II

AEC 2017: The Social Psychology of Social Media

AEC 2017: Perceptions and Realities of Working College Students / Divorce from the Child's Perspective   

AEC 2017: McKendree Speech Team Showcase Part I  

AEC 2017: Helping Bearcats Understand the Five Love Languages

AEC 2017: Fitness Apps, Fitness Franchises, and Cross-fit   

AEC 2017: Systematic Review of the Natural History of the Monarch Butterfly

AEC 2017: Digital Humanities

AEC 2017: The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Function

AEC 2017: It Hurts to Stay Up  

AEC 2017: Analysis of Global and Local Pollinator Decline Results in Educational Outreach Success

AEC 2017: Industrial Mathematics

AEC 2017: Where's Bogey  

AEC 2017: Honors Convocation

AEC 2017: Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Inductions   

AEC 2017: All-student Art Show

AEC 2017: Jazz Combos

AEC 2017: Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Induction (English)

AEC 2017: Flute Studio Recital  

AEC 2017: Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society Induction (Nursing)

AEC 2017: Psi Chi and Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society Inductions (Psychology & Social Sciences)

AEC 2017: Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society Induction (Religious Studies)

AEC 2017: Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society Induction (Political Science)

AEC 2017: Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society Induction (Computing & Info Disciplines)

AEC 2017: Sigma Zeta Honor Society Induction (Science and Mathematics)

AEC 2017: Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society Induction (Sociology)

Relay for Life 2017

McKendree University Show Choir: Time

Women’s Bowling Championship Celebration

Sigma Beta Delta Induction 2017

DSS: Elizabeth Gilbert

Forensic Studies K-9 Demonstration on Front Lawn

Model UN 2017

Lanter Lunch Series: Attorney Christopher J. Finney

Global Awareness Week: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - The Questions We Ask, The Answers We Seek, The World We Serve

Global Awareness Week: Native Drumming

Global Awareness Week: Why Wrap - Exploring Sacred Head Coverings

Methods of Teaching Social Science: Simone Liebster (Holocaust Survivor) & Marge Fulton (Arnold-Liebster Foundation) Guest Speakers

Global Awareness Week: International Food Sampling

Global Awareness Week: Plowsharing Fair Trade Sale

Global Awareness Week: Brown Bag - Taking an Inside Look at Global Poverty through the Lens of a College Student

Lantern Lunch Series: Mayor Rich Wilken

Global Awareness Week: Salsa Magic

Global Awareness Week: Human Trafficking and the Rescue and Restore Coalition

Global Awareness Week: Food Trucks

Lanter Luncheon Series: Brandi Jo Zirkelbach

Jamaica Alternative Spring Break 2017

Jazz Combos & Ensemble Concert

Memphis Spring Break Immersion Trip 2017

WYSE 2017

the idea lab

Leadership Scholarship Event Spring 2017

The Leadership & Service Academy Event 2017

Arts Midwest World Fest Reception: Le Vent du Nord (Canada)

Founder's Day 2017

Career Fair 2017

First Swimming Practice at McKendree Metro Rec Plex (1-31-17)

Chapel Series: Christian Unity & MLK Service 2017

Leadership Scholarship Event December 2016

Student Art Show 2016

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2016

Veteran's Day 2016

Linda Greenlaw (Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow)

Lanter Lecture: Christopher R. Lowery, CFP, CPA

Panel Discussion: The Rise of Donald Trump and What it Means

Health Services Fence Painting Contest

Homecoming 2016: Sunday Bruch

Homecoming 2016: Chapel Service

Homecoming 2016: Alumni Awards Dinner

Homecoming 2016: Parade

Homecoming 2016: Tailgating

Homecoming 2016: William McKendree Society Breakfast

Homecoming 2016: Football Game (McKendree Bearcats vs. Saint Joseph's)

Homecoming 2016: Football Reunion

Homecoming 2016: All Alumni Reunion

Homecoming 2016: 50th Reunion

Sorority Bid Day 2016

Sigma Theta Tau International Induction - Nursing Honor Society

Fall Family Weekend 2016

10th Anniversary Gala at The Hett

McKendree Football Tailgate 

Involvement Fair 2016

Welcome Back BBQ 2016

NSO 2016: Into the Streets

NSO 2016: Playfair

NSO 2016: Welcome Luncheon

NSO 2016: Meeting NSO Groups

NSO 2016: Move-in

NSO 2016: Convocation

Special Olympics Football Clinic at McKendree University

5th Annual McKendree University Bearcat Golf Tournament

Kentucky Campuses Commencement 2016

Walton Hall

New Residence Halls

McKendree West

Hunter Street Apartments

Barnett Hall

Baker Hall

Graduate Commencement 2016

Undergraduate Commencement 2016

Graduation Celebration Dinner 2016

Senior Farewell Service 2016

FORWARD: The Campaign for McKendree University Kick-off Event

Senior BBQ 2016 at Alumni House

AEC 2016: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society Induction (Education)

AEC 2016: Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society Induction (Sociology)

AEC 2016: Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society Induction (Computing & Info Disciplines)

AEC 2016: Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society Induction (Political Science)

AEC 2016: Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society Induction (Social Sciences)

AEC 2016: Psi Chi Honor Society Inductions (Psychology)

AEC 2016: Nursing Honor Society Induction

AEC 2016: Poster Sessions in Holman Library

AEC 2016: Clarinet Choir

AEC 2016: Brass Ensemble

AEC 2016: Saxophone Quartet

AEC 2016: Flute Choir

AEC 2016: Phi Eta Sigma & Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Inductions

AEC 2016: All-Student Art Show

AEC 2016: Honors Convocation

AEC 2016: #Yamazing - The Social Psychology of Social Media

AEC 2016: The Effect of Prairie Restoration on White-Tailed Jackrabbit Populations

AEC 2016: Athletic Trainers - No We Aren't Your Personal Trainers

AEC 2016: Research in Accounting Theory Capstone Projects

AEC 2016: McKendree Speech Team Showcase

AEC 2016: McKendree at the Margins

AEC 2016: Effects of Parental Education & Residential History on Local Childhood Vaccination Rates

AEC 2016: Attitudes Toward Work & Others Among Service Professions

AEC 2016: Honors Thesis Presentations

AEC 2016: Comparison of Injury Incidence on CrossFit Athletes

AEC 2016: Poster Sessions in Ames Dining Hall

AEC 2016: Event Registration

Celebration Chapel Service

Sigma Beta Delta Induction 2016

World Fest: Baladino Reception

Relay for Life

Brown Bag: KMOV Steve Templeton

Illinois Coalition to Invest in Higher Education Rally

Ribbon Cutting of New Radcliff, Kentucky Campus Annex

Special Olympics Day at the Ballpark

Spring Fling 2016

David Ottinger & Frank Spreng Retirement Reception

Leadership & Service Awards 2016

Model UN 2016

Sigma Zeta National Convention 2016

Global Awareness Week 2016: Red Cedar Circle & Native American Drumming

Global Awareness Week 2016: Exploring Sacred Head Coverings

UMC Historic Registry

DSS - Aasif Mandvi

President's Ice Cream Cart

WYSE Illinois 2016

McKendree VS UIS Basketball and Coach Harry Statham Milestone Ceremony

WYSE St. Louis Regional

Founder's Day 2016

Rain Barrel Installation

Career Fair 2016

DSS: Dr. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

Leadership Scholarship Weekend 2016

Military Appreciation Day at Men's Basketball Game

Campus in Snow 2016

Social Justice & Equity Committee Group Sign Up

2016 MLK Humanitarian Award Chapel Service

EDU 446: Methods of Teaching Social Studies Fall 2015 Presentations

HIS 326: America Since 1945 Fall 2015 Research Colloquium

DSS: Dr. James Kakalios

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Veteran's Day 2015

Fall Family Weekend Football Game 2015

Fall Preview Day 2015

ECON 380 - Special Topics: Economic Analysis of the Pizza Industry

Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

World Fest Reception: Ayensur Kolivar

McKendree Metro Rec Plex Groundbreaking

Sigma Zeta Inductions 2015

Military Appreciation Day 2015

Majors & Minors Fair 2015

Lanter Lecture: Dr. Michael Consuelos

Homecoming 2015: Wedding Vows Renewal

Homecoming 2015: Bearcat Brunch

Homecoming 2015: Chapel Service

Homecoming 2015: Men's Soccer Game

Homecoming 2015: Alumni Awards Dinner

Homecoming 2015: Bearcat BBQ & Bogey's Backyard (Kid Zone)

Homecoming 2015: Tailgate Party

Homecoming 2015: Reunion Zero

Homecoming 2015: Parade

Homecoming 2015: President's Breakfast

Homecoming 2015: Football Game

Homecoming 2015: King & Queen Coronation

Homecoming 2015: Bearcat Bags Tournament

Homecoming 2015: Class of 1965 Golden Anniversary Reunion

Homecoming 2015: Women's Volleyball Game

Homecoming 2015: Women's Soccer Game

Homecoming 2015: Pep Rally

DSS: David Eagleman

Dr. Michele Schutzenhofer's Ecology Class in Belleville Nature Preserve

Welcome Back BBQ 2015

Harvest Challenge 2015

Dr. Michele Schutzenhofer's Ecology Class at The Huzzah River

NSO: Into the Streets 2015

NSO: Playfair 2015

NSO: Parent Goodbyes 2015

NSO: Welcome Luncheon 2015

NSO: Convocation 2015

NSO: Move-In Day 2015

NSO: Class of 2019 Photo

Football Leadership Training

Kentucky Campuses Commencement 2015

Nicaragua Immersion Trip 2015

Graduate Commencement 2015

Undergraduate Commencement 2015

Graduation Celebration Dinner 2015

Senior Farewell Service 2015

Senior Art Show 2015

Final Exams Pancake Dinner 2015

Spring Fling 2015

Rainbow Run 2015

Leadership and Service Awards Banquet 2015

Show Choir Opening Night 2015

Academic Excellence Celebration 2015 Highlights

AEC: Pi Sigma Alpha Induction 2015

AEC: Nursing Honor Society 2015

AEC: Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society 2015

AEC: All Student Art Show

AEC: Poster Sessions

AEC: Honors Convocation

AEC: Honors Thesis: Affordable Care Confusion

AEC: Honors Thesis: Maybe Happen Is Never Once

AEC: Chamber Choir

AEC: Honors Thesis: Attractiveness and Mental Health Stigma

AEC: Honors Thesis: Social Dominance & Mental Illness Stigma

AEC: Honors Thesis: Google It

AEC: Pi Gamma Mu Induction 2015

AEC: Phi Eta Sigma & Phi Kappa Phi Inductions 2015

Student Lobby Day 2015

Debate Alumni Reunion 2015

Holocaust Remembrance Memorial 2015

Competitive Dance Team Kickoff 2015

Retirement Party 2015

U.S. Rep. Mike Bost Visits Dr. Ann Collins Class

'The McKendree Story Project' Spring Play 2015

Global Awareness Week: Jewish Seder Meal 2015

Global Awareness Week: Head Wraps 2015

Sigma Beta Delta Induction 2015

Global Awareness Week: Peace Museum 2015

Ramble into Spring 2015

Jamaica Service/Cultural Trip, Spring Break 2015

WYSE 2015 Illinois Teams

Men's Basketball vs. UIS 2015

Graduate & Online Programs at McKendree University

2015 Leadership & Service Academy

WYSE 2015 Missouri Teams

Leadership Scholarship Weekend 2015

2015 MLK Humanitarian Award Chapel Service

Christmas Decorations 2014

Therapy Dogs at Finals Week

Fall 2014 All Student Art Show

Tree Lighting 2014

Marching Band - Concert

Biology Copperhead Research

Homecoming 2014 Bearcat Brunch

Homecoming 2014 Chapel Service

Homecoming 2014 Choir Alumni Gathering

Alumni Awards Dinner 2014

Homecoming 2014 Parade/Tailgate Party/Bearcat BBQ Bash

Homecoming 2014 Class of 1964 Golden Anniversary Reunion

Bearcat Statue Dedication

Bearcat Statue Installation

NSO: Into the Streets 2014

NSO: Convocation 2014

NSO: Class of 2018 Photo

NSO: Move-In Day 2014

Golf Tournament 2014

Kentucky Campuses Commencement 2014

Make Your Mark Bootcamp 2014

Graduate Commencement 2014

Undergraduate Commencement 2014

Graduation Celebration Dinner 2014

Senior Farewell Service 2014

Popsicles, Pigs & the President

Leadership & Service Awards Banquet 2014

Entryway Monument Dedication

Rainbow Run 2014

Academic Excellence Celebration 2014 Highlights

AEC: Nursing Honor Society Induction

AEC: Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society Induction (Sociology)

AEC: Upsilon Pi Espsilon Honor Society Induction (Computing & Information Disciplines)

AEC: Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Induction (First-Year Students)

AEC: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Induction

AEC: All Student Art Show

AEC: Honors Convocation

AEC: Archives Museum

AEC: Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society (Social Sciences)

AEC: Psi Chi Honor Society Induction (Psychology)

AEC: Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society Induction (Political Science)

AEC: UBEST Biology Posters

AEC: UBEST Psychology Posters

Education Mentor Awards Dinner 2014

McCat Back to the Streets Reunion

Model UN 2014

Global Awareness Week: Taste of Faith

Global Awareness Week: Peace Museum

Global Awareness Week: Red Bus Project

Sigma Beta Delta Induction 2014

Ramble Into Spring 2014

Grand Opening of Wrestling & Sports Performance Center

Meet the McKendree Alligator

Spring Break Mission Trip - Washington, IL

WYSE-IL 2014

Marching Band - Director & Drum Majors

Marching Band - Outdoors

Marching Band - Woodwinds

Marching Band - Percussion

Marching Band - Color Guard

Marching Band - Brass

Founder's Day 2014

WYSE 2014 Team Photos

MLK Humanitarian Award Winners

Campus Holidays 2013

Tree Lighting 2013

Military Appreciation Tailgate & Football Game 2013

Veterans Day Ceremony 2013

Fall Family Weekend 2013

Leadership Retreat 2013

Study Abroad Day 2013

Emerging Leaders Potluck Dinner 2013 - Leadership Program

Student Government Association (SGA) Retreat 2013

Homecoming 2013 Bearcat Brunch

Homecoming 2013 Chapel Service

Homecoming 2013 Alumni Awards Dinner

Homecoming 2013 Parade

Homeomcing 2013 Ferox 50th Anniversary Dinner & Celebration

Homecoming 2013 Bearcat BBQ Bash

Homecoming 2013 - Class of 1963 Golden Anniversary Reunion

Homecoming 2013 President’s Breakfast

Homecoming 2013 Young Alumni Reunion

Homecoming 2013 25th Class Reunion/All Reunion Reception

Going Green: New Solar Panels Installed to Deneen

Harvest Challenge 2013

Holy Smokes: Welcome Back BBQ 2013

Share Our Story: The McKendree University Video

Involvement Fair 2013

NSO: Into the Streets 2013

NSO: Welcome Luncheon 2013

NSO: Convocation 2013

NSO: Move-In 2013

US 50 Coalition Meeting 8-13-13

Golf Tournament 2013

Kentucky Campuses Commencement 2013

Flock the Fountain - Class of 2013

Graduate Commencement 2013

Undergraduate Commencement 2013

Graduation Celebration Dinner 2013

Senior Farewell Service 2013

Senior Show 2013 - Gallery of Art

UBEST Poster Sessions 2013

School of Education Dinner for Cooperating Teachers

Leadership & Service Awards Banquet 2013

Spring Fling 2013

Honors Day Convocation 2013

Senior Honors Thesis Presentations 2013

Alpha Kappa Delta Induction 2013

Bud Albers (Alumnus) Presentation

Lambda Pi Eta Meet & Greet 2013

Sigma Beta Induction 2013

Leadership Program

All Student Show 2013

Model UN 2013

Kappa Delta Pi Induction

Art Gallery/Marsha Brasel DeWilde Dedication

McK Idol 10

Snow Day 3-25-13

Ramble into Spring 2013

Taste of Faith - Global Awareness Week

Gateway to Peace Museum - Global Awareness Week

Detroit Mission Trip 2013

Gallery Talk: The Evolution of the Western Female Silhouette

Founder's Day 2013

SOLD Leadership Conference

Holiday Tree Lighting

FIRST Lego League November 2012

FIRST Tech Challenge November 2012

Elementary Education Students at Lebanon School

EDU 115

Gallery of Art - 224 St. Louis St., Lebanon

Win with Wheeler - Presented by the Theater Department

Homecoming 2012 Bearcat Brunch

Homecoming 2012 Chapel Service

Homecoming 2012 Choir Alumni Gathering

Homecoming 2012 Alumni Awards Dinner

Homecoming 2012 Homecoming Football Game

Homecoming 2012 Family Fun Area

Homecoming 2012 Ferox Trolley & Tailgate Party

Homecoming 2012 Homecoming Parade

Homecoming 2012 Class of 1962 Golden Anniversary Reunion

Homecoming 2012 Education Alumni Breakfast & Reunion

Homecoming 2012 President's Breakfast

Homecoming 2012 McKendree's Mix & Mingle

Homecoming 2012 All Reunion Reception

117th Regiment 150th Anniversary Memorial

Harvest Challenge 2012

NSO: Candle Photos 2012

NSO: Delatorro McNeal 2012

NSO: Into the Streets 2012

NSO: Transfer New Student Orientation

NSO: Commuter/Non-Traditional Student Meet & Greet 2012

NSO: Playfair 2012

NSO: Welcome Luncheon

NSO: Convocation 2012

NSO: Class of 2016 Photo

First-Year Resident Move-In

Great McKendree Bike Chase 2012

FIRST Lego League Summer Camp 2012

Golf Tournament 2012

117th Regiment Memorial Service

Sons of the American Revolution Memorial Dedication

Undergraduate Commencement 2012

Graduate Commencement 2012

Graduation Celebration Dinner 2012

Senior Farewell Service 2012

Undergraduate Poster Session 2012

Graduate Poster Session 2012

Senior Class Gift BBQ 2012

Teacher Mentor Awards 2012

Spring Fling 2012

Phi Kappa Phi Induction Ceremony 2012

Honor's Day 2012

Kentucky Honor's Day 2012

Model UN Conference 2012

University 101 2012

The Trial of God Spring 2012

Ramble into Spring 2012

Sigma Beta Delta Ceremony 2012

Lambda Pi Eta Alumni Networking Event

Founder's Day 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration and Humanitarian Awards 2012

Methods of Teaching Language Arts Students

FIRST® Tech Challenge - Robotics Competition

Tree Lighting 2011

Thanksgiving Luncheon at Ames 2011

Veterans Day Service 2011

Karl D. Dexheimer Memorial Garden Service

Dirty Work at the Crossroads Fall 2011

Homecoming 2011 Choir Reunion Reception

Homecoming 2011 Football Pre-Game

Homecoming 2011 Homecoming Picnic

Homecoming 2011 Homecoming Parade

Homecoming 2011 Residence Hall Dedication

Homecoming 2011 Alumni Award Dinner

Homecoming 2011 All Reunion Reception

Homecoming 2011 Class of 1961 - Golden Anniversary Reunion

Homecoming 2011 President’s Homecoming Breakfast

Homecoming 2011 Young Alumni Reunion

Football Home Opener 2011

Harvest Challenge 2011

NSO: Convocation 2011-2012

The Great McKendree Bike Chase

Bye Bye Birdie Performance

Drum Corps International (DCI) Pre-Show

Kentucky Commencement 2011

New Residence Halls' Construction Update 5-11-11

Graduate Commencement 2011

Undergraduate Commencement 2011

Graduation Celebration Dinner 2011

Senior Farewell Service 2011

Spring Fling 2011

Honor's 2011 - Kentucky Campuses

Retiring Faculty 2011

Grad Posters 2011

Honor's Day 2011

Model UN 2011

The Visit Spring 2011

Ramble into Spring 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Holiday Tree Lighting

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Fugue Fall 2010

New Residence Halls Under Construction

Homecoming 2010

Residence Halls' Groundbreaking Ceremony

Marching Band - Preview of Champions

New Residence Halls' Artist Renderings

Harvest Challenge 2010

Welcome Back BBQ

McKendree University Convocation 2010

Summer Circuit Bicycle Race

Commencement 2010

Graduation Celebration

Cardinals Game

Honors Day 2010

Wonder of the World Spring 2010

Ramble Into Spring 2010

Pitt Endowed Professorship

Love’s Labours Lost Fall 2009

Commencement Weekend 2009

The Love of Three Oranges Spring 2009

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 Fall 2008

New Student Orientation 2008

Commencement 2008

The Laramie Project Fall 2007

The Crucible Spring 2007

Brighton Beach Memoirs Spring 2008

1st Home Football Game 2008

Ice Cream Cart 2008

Pearsons Renovation

911 Ceremony

Firemans Picnic July 2008

Ice Storm 2007

Volunteer Fair Fall 2008

Honors Day

Memorial Day Ceremony 2008

Piper Academic Building

Benson Wood Building


Clark Building

Wildy Hall

Voter Registration Fall 2008

Hett Gala Opening 2006

Founder's Day 2008

World's Largest U (9/30/2008)

Cafe 1828

NSO: Into The Streets 2008

Homecoming 2008

New Bookstore

Deborah Horan - Distinguished Speaker Series

IRS Training 2008

Cafe 1828 Grand Opening

Halloween 2008

AMC semi-final Soccer 2008

Eboo Patel 2008

Inaguration Day 2009

Jack Hanna Pics

Scholarship Days

McKendree Snow Days

Founders Day Game (2/21/2009)

WYSE St. Louis Regional

Founders Day Lunch

Hockey Championship

Louisville, Kentucky Campus

Residence Life

Ramble into Spring 5K/10K

Honors Day 2009

Spring Fling 2009

Coordinating Teachers Award Dinner

Graduation Celebration

Senior Farewell Service 2009

Sigma Tau Delta Induction Ceremony 2009

Convocation 2009

NSO 2009

Military Appreciation Day 2009

McKendree Harvest Challenge

Philo Reception

Royalty Reception - Homecoming 2009

Homecoming 2009

MAP Grant Rally

Homecoming 2009 - CLIO Reception

Harry Statham 1000th Win