Get Involved at McKendree!

Get Involved VideoDeveloping long lasting bonds and friendships is easy at McKendree.  The Office of Student Affairs is here to serve you through a variety of departments and programs all intended to help you succeed academically while promoting a positive self-image. Students are encouraged to fully participate in the life of the college. It is our purpose to help create an environment that enhances the quality of your educational experience.  The inclusive spirit and tight community ensure fun and exciting things to do on campus, including athletic events, campus organizations, fine arts events, worship services, and much more!  The opportunity to interact outside the classroom is greatly appreciated by our students, faculty and staff.

If you are ready to maximize your college experience, click the links on the left of the page or see below for more information on how you can "Get Involved" at McKendree University!

Registered Student Organizations

McKendree University has numerous opportunities available for students to get involved on campus. There are over 70 student organizations covering a diverse range of topics; something for every individual. To help you find the organization that best suits your interest, student organizations are placed in the following seven basic classifications:

•   Academic Fraternities and Honor Societies

•   Departmental Student Organizations

•   Religious/Faith-Based Organizations

•   Service Organizations

•   Social Greek Organizations

•   Special Interest Groups

For more information about student organizations, you can search the classifications (groups with web pages are listed), download the complete listing of campus organizations, email the Director of Campus Activities, or visit the Office of Campus Activities in Lower Deneen Center (The Lair).


Fraternity and Sorority Life

A strong academic record alone is not enough for a student to be successful in college. For students to fully develop into excelling members of society, they must also expand their social networks. Through their loyalty and dedication to one another, members of Greek organizations often develop lifelong friendships while also often strengthening their characters.

McKendree University has chartered seven Greek societies: three national and four local. McKendree's fraternity and sorority life provides valued lessons in leadership, program design and development and opportunities to work with others toward a shared goal. Greek organizations also offer educational enhancement and community service.

Student Government Association

Student Government leaders represent the student body to various constituents, work to address student concerns, distribute funds to registered student organizations, sponsor campus events and initiatives, and provide services and opportunities to help engage students. You can get involved with SGA by working with or holding office as a member of the Executive Board or as a Senator.

Residence Life Involvement

If you are living on-campus, you may want to get involved with Residence Hall Association. This is a great opportunity for you to have a voice in issues affecting your residence hall, as well as be involved in planning programs and events. For more information about Residence Hall Association, please talk to your Resident Assistant or Resident Director.

Campus Recreation and Intramurals

The Student Recreation Department operates under the premise that, in order to excel academically, students need to have opportunities outside the classroom where they can meet other students, socialize, develop leadership skills, and have the opportunity for fun competition at the non-intercollegiate sport level. Intramural Sports is the co-curricular program that complements the formal academic curriculum. We offer opportunities to currently enrolled McKendree students, faculty, staff and their spouses/partners in a number of competitive and structured activities each year. Participants have fun, learn new sports, meet people from other cultures, test their physical ability, and take a break from the everyday academic routine. Team sports generally take on a league structure with a post-season tournament to determine champions.

Student Recreation is a department of the Office of Student Affairs. Most activities are conducted at the Intramural (IM) Gym located on the north end of the Melvin Price Convocation Center (MPCC). Students are welcome to participate in intramural activities, take the initiative and organize an event or league on their own, or simply borrow some of the equipment we have if you prefer to play some kickball, wiffleball, or volleyball somewhere else on campus.


Study Abroad Opportunities

Study abroad is an amazing opportunity for McKendree students and will be an experience of a lifetime. McKendree University supports study abroad by making it easy and affordable for most students. From New Zealand to Peru, there are so many countries to choose from and students get a true immersion experience in this program, living and studying in a culture different from what most students have experienced prior to McKendree. Participating in study abroad will prepare students for the global economy in which we live and work and provide a distinct edge for our graduates in the job market.

Career Services

The Career Services Office provides McKendree University students with comprehensive career planning and job search services. A staff of experienced career counselors is available to help students choose a potential career, gain career-related experience and prepare for an effective job search. The Career Center also provides information on part-time jobs (on and off-campus), internships, full-time professional employment opportunities, and creates venues where students can network and interview with local, state, and national employers.

Graduates from McKendree University work in a variety of settings after graduation, including large corporations, small businesses, schools, hospitals, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, among others.

McKendree Bearcat Athletics

Support the McKendree University Bearcats in a variety of NCAA Division II Inter-Collegiate athletics. With your McKendree ID, students get free admission to all McKendree home athletic events. Become a member of Team Bogey and the Purple Pit as a way to support athletics at McKendree.

The McKendree Review

The McKendree Review
is McKendree University's official student-run newspaper. The Review currently publishes four issues of student-written content each semester as a service to the students of McKendree University. Issues are available in newsstands around campus free-of-charge to everyone.

Office of Campus Activities

The Office of Campus Activities offers numerous opportunities for students as well as their parents and families to become invested and connected to life at McKendree University. The office serves as a resource center for campus involvement through various programs and services. It strives to engage students in exploring their co-curricular experiences, beginning at admission and continuing through graduation. The Office of Campus Activities sponsors programs for the entire campus community and provides leadership development opportunities for Registered Student Organizations. Our campus community is enriched through student involvement and each student's willingness to create and follow their experiences.

The Office of Campus Activities provides and supports a number of programs and experiences which promote educational, cultural, recreational, social and personal growth for students and their families. Among them are:

•   Campus Activities Board

•   New Student Orientation

•   Homecoming

•   Spring Fling

•   Registered Student Organizations

The Lair

Through its staff and The Office of Campus Activities, The Lair serves as a gathering place for both commuter and resident students. It provides social, cultural and recreational programming aiming to make leisure time a cooperative factor with study.

The Lair, located in lower Deneen Center, houses a game room and dining area which features (2) 37" LCD Screens and (2) 58" Plasma Screens - all with satellite television channels and (2) 27" televisions with cable television. This is a great place to catch the big game, keep up with your fantasy sports games, or watch your favorite show with your friends!

The Office of Campus Activities, also located in The Lair, serves as a resource center for campus involvement. Schedule an appointment to assess your interests and needs for involvement, whether joining a campus organization, or if you just want to find out what there is to do around campus. The office also serves as a resource for current members of Registered Student Organizations, offering leadership resources and information.

Office of Diversity, Inclusion, & International Services

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, & International Services educates and inspires all students at McKendree to discover a unique and special experience in diversity. Several student organizations are supported by the office. In addition, multicultural training and programming is an integral part of the office's outreach to McKendree University students.

Church Relations

The Office of Church Relations offers opportunities for students to connect with each other in community and with God. Wherever you are on your faith journey, know that we are here to support you. We offer prayer and worship opportunities, as well as chances to learn more about spirituality and your faith tradition. We invite you to attend mission trips, retreats, and other fellowship activities.

The Office of Church Relations offers two faith-based organizations for students:

•   Center for Faith & Spirituality

•   Interfaith Group